Growing Up Was Like Being a Fish Out of Water – Cezanne

Could you introduce yourself to netizens?

My name is Cezanne Poetess. I’m a self-taught Visual and Spoken Word artist. I’m the author of ‘Black Love Novel, Journey of a Sister’ which features my artwork and poetry.

What’s your nationality?

I was born in England, but it has never felt like home.

What was growing up like?

Growing up in England was like being a fish out of water. As a young child, nothing was familiar to me. The fact that I had been totally disconnected from my ancestral roots and my religious beliefs made me feel bad about myself. At school, I excelled in creative writing and art. I didn’t realize that I would later use them to fulfill my soul purpose.

Where are you now?

In London, UK, tucked away somewhere so I can focus on writing my next book!

In our conversation before the interview, you said you have African roots. Can you explain?

I have been on a journey of self-discovery for the past 15 years. It has led me to discovering my African ancestry and to visiting my Motherland. While writing my novel I channelled 46,000 words by tapping into ancestral wisdom buried in my DNA!

My novel is over 80,000 words

Where would you rather be between the UK, Jamaica, and Africa? 

I have only been to Jamaica once (when I was 10), so I’m definitely due for a visit. But my heart is in Africa, my Motherland. Through my work, I aim to help many more descendants of Africans reconnect with their Motherland and heal from ancestral trauma. My novel isn’t just a beautiful Black Love story. It’s designed to take the reader on their own journey back to their ancestral roots. I’m planning on repatriating to Ghana and continuing my work there.

Have you ever been to Africa?

I spent 5 months in Ghana from November 2014 and 4 months in the Gambia from November 2018. The last two chapters of my novel were inspired by my trip to Ghana.

You’re a poet, why did you go into poetry?

The first poems I wrote were loving messages God said to me which I was instructed to share. One of them is titled, ‘Look to Me!’ and is featured in Year One of my novel. I later discovered that poetry originated from ancient Kemet (Egypt). I rarely sit down and try to construct a poem, I wait for inspiration.

Was there any parental objection?

Not really! In fact, my mother helped me (financially) to print my first set of poems into posters!!

What causes do you stand for?

Helping my people break free from mental slavery.

Tell us about your happiest day, so far.

My happiest day so far must be the birth of my first son.

What about your most embarrassing day? 

My most embarrassing day to date was when I almost committed suicide.

Have you published any books?

My first collection of poems ‘Seeds of Love’ won me the title ‘Inspirational Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (USA) in 2014. In 2013, I published ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ which has contributions from over 30 brothers.I published the first edition of my novel in 2012 with the title ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ (I revised it and retitled it ‘The Journey of a Sister’ after my first trip to Ghana). Year one can be downloaded FREE by visiting

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