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Maxwanette A Poetess “I AM MY MOTHER’S CHILD”


Born to Jamaican parents, in Brooklyn, NY – As Maxine A. Moncrieffe aka Maxwanette A Poetess. “Poetry Is In My DNA,” with her Mother being her 1st introduction to Poetry. Maxwanette wrote her first poem, at the age of 5; a Haiku, she wrote one for her Mother everyday for a month. Thus began her journey down Poetry’s path. Considered the Underdog & homeless in Brooklyn, NY by the age of 11, Maxwanette decided, that reaching the people through words, were key. So she never stopped writing. No matter the experiences.

A part of Maxwanette A Poetess’s, life goals are to link Poets, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and humanity across the globe by assisting; uplifting, encouraging, spreading love and positivity as much as possible. She is a Kissimmee, Florida resident, business owner: P.L.O.T.S.~PROOFING & PROMOTING SERVICES, LLC (aka P.L.O.T.S. PROOF & PROMO SERVICES LLC) also located in Kissimmee, Florida (started officially in Dallas, Georgia – 2020) and a published poet of, “Poetry, Language Of The Soul, Volume I.”(featured on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress, & Twitter; @Maxwanette, & Facebook Group: The Creatives Bridge), “The Poetic Storm, Volume II,”- both books available on & Poetry Language Of The SOul is also available at Barnes & Noble bookstore, an Indie Writer, and is also currently a Co-Host on “The Real Stuff Podcast,” – via YouTube & Zoom, heading up their Cari-frican Tuesdays, Poetry Corner & One-Shot Poetry Fridays.

Maxwanette believes in not only “paying it forward,” in life, but also in shedding a spotlight on CREATIVES, all over the world. In the interim, she tries to be a reminder, that we need one another, as her popular motto & mantra states:

“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

“Namastè & One Love”


Adewale Sobowale: Could you introduce yourself to netizens?

Could I introduce myself as a Netizen? Well, having recently heard the word, upon looking into it; in this day and age, coupled with business, health, communications, life, and COVID-19, many individuals, self included, would introduce oneself as such.

Adewale Sobowale: Why is your last name Poetess?

Why is my last name Poetess? It is a common term to describe, a female Poet. So adding Poetess as my last name, fit accordingly.

Adewale Sobowale: What’s your nationality?

What is my nationality? Is a question, I am asked often. I was born in Brooklyn,  New York (USA), to Jamaican born parents, whose Ancestral roots, have been traced to Sahel Africa.

Adewale Sobowale: Why are there so many, may be unheard of, writers in Jamaica?

Why are there so many, maybe unheard of writers in Jamaican? That is a very good question. I think it is more on the basis of being undiscovered, as many exist there and are budding as we speak. 

Like many places all over the globe, Poetry was not given its fair shake, exposure, or acknowledgement, for some time. Many of the veteran Poets, have transcended, and the proverbial pen, is scribbling. Also, opportunities for exposure, proofreading, editing, and publishing are more available, accessible, and affordable in the U.S.

More attention needs to be given to Poets/Creatives, by the Commission of Arts, Roots, & Culture in Jamaica. As well as incorporating it in the academic curriculum.

I also feel it is up to each Jamaican Poet/Creative to not only promote themselves,  but one another on a whole. This way, the light is shined on the art, craft, & talent of Poetry itself.

Adewale Sobowale: Are you a feminist?

Am I a feminist? Lol, I am not, never have been, nor ever will I ever be one. I LOVE OUR MEN! I LOVE OUR WOMEN! We need each other to survive, thrive, love, exist, and to be. Division is a useless & defeating thing.

Adewale Sobowale: So, you don’t believe women are the weaker sex?

So I don’t believe women are the weaker sex. It would also depend in which context this is being used. Women are not built with extra muscles, and testosterone, except for exceptions. So physically,  we are weaker in that sense, as we are more delicate,  easier to bruise, and our stamina is less. But when it comes to the mentally & maturity levels, I would have to disagree, and that women are stronger in these areas.

Adewale Sobowale: When you hear the cliché, ‘Black lives matter’, what comes to your mind?

When I hear the cliché, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I agree that they do.. However, it depends how this phrase is being used. ALL LIVES MATTER. Now if we are to discuss, certain or particular races, that have been defiled, mistreated, vilified, treated unjustly, slaughtered,  maligned, and or slandered on a continuum,  etc., “Blacks” stand out, because we are still being treated this way, and it deserves not only attention,  but rectification.

Adewale Sobowale: Tell us your happiest day, so far?

If I am to tell you, what my happiest day is so far, I would have to say that after having had a few near death experiences, everyday I rise to see another day? That is my happiest. The moment I am in right now.

Adewale Sobowale: What about your most embarrassing moment?

What about my most embarrassing moment? Hmmm, I went to Coquina Beach over the Summer. I cannot swim, so I was quite nervous and scared. At one point, I panicked,  grabbing a child’s floaty for dear life…Until the child looked at me, as if I was crazy, and told me to simply stand up, lol! Yes, very EMBARRASSING, lol!

Adewale Sobowale: Don’t you think people like you are needed to fix Jamaica?

Don’t I think people like me are needed to fix Jamaica? Well of course, lol! So are people like you and everyone reading this. See, we can ALL do our part, right where we are. And it is selfish to think this should only be done in Jamaica. This should be done all over the world.

People like me? My Dears –  I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE ARE US…It will take the World to fix the World.

Adewale Sobowale: Do you have any books or videos?

Do I have any books or videos? Indeed I do. Both books were published last year (2020)

My books are:

“Poetry, Language Of The Soul, Volume I.”  by Maxwanette A Poetess


Barnes & Noble:

“The Poetic Storm, Volume II.”, by Maxwanette A Poetess (For Mature Audiences/Readers)

My videos are available on YouTube:
1) “UNDEFEATABLE ,” by Maxwanette A Poetess

YouTube Link:

2) “I CAN’T BREATHE,” by Maxwanette A Poetess

YouTube Link:

3) “I FEEL YOU,” by Maxwanette A Poetess

YouTube Link:

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