MUGU JAM CATCHER! – Adewale Sobowale

When American senators were trying to ‘impeach’ the Trump, those who sold the idea to them knew they were only fooling around buying time for the former president.

In the first instance, he had already lost elections. Second, he was already outside the White House.

The third is never in the history of the United States had a former president been impeached.

My own thinking then like it is now is that he should have been made to appear in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Now, the Yoruba nation or Republic of Oduduwa issue. You see, certain things happen accidentally. When such things happen, we might not have any excuse but to let things work themselves out.

Nigeria has been called a geographical expression. So are all other countries.

The difference is that Nigerians hardly want Nigeria to work, especially if their kith and kin happen not to be in power.

We, the Yoruba, want to go our way in establishing a brand new country.


In the first instance, what are we running away from? Have our leaders not been part and parcel of the rot that has befallen Nigeria?

At least, I can remember Chief Awolowo was equivalent to Gowon’s prime minister. Obj ruled first as military head of state for more than two years before ruling as president for two terms.

In the present regime of baba go slow, a Yoruba man acts as a vice-president.

In the various regimes, Yoruba men have been holding positions of authority.

In the past, the Yoruba were known to go against injustice. That’s why we hear it in our orikis that men of valor have actually walked the landscape that’s Yoruba land

But now, we claim we’re diplomatic. Out of all the three major tribes that occupy Nigeria, I think the Yoruba are the ones who are most prone to taking nonsense. Not just from outsiders, but also from within our brethren.

For instance, how can an Obasanjo be walking the streets, with illegitimate wealth, and we wouldn’t challenge him.

For those who want hints, why and how did OFN – Operation Feed the Nation become OFN- Obasanjo Farms Nigeria

By the way, how much is the pension benefit of a retired general? How wealthy was he after leaving jail in 1999?

What about Tinubu?

Are these people and their proteges going to be excluded in the brand new and corruption-free republic?

To my thinking, we are our own enemies. I wouldn’t say only Yoruba are , but i think all the ‘gbegba n gbagbon’ or the ‘talakawa’!

We are proving ourselves to be bloody mugus who are for sale to the catchers sponsored with the buyers’ funds!

I predict it’s an evil wind that blows nobody any good with the exception of the blowers!!


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