My Estate of Gold: Abundance

We build our fortune thought by thought, For so the universe was wrought, Thought is another name for fate: Choose then the destiny and wait, For love brings love and hate brings hate.” –VANDYKE

We cannot doubt the fact thatabundance is a natural law;everywhere we look Nature is lavishly, wastefully extravagant; every seed that grows brings forth “fifty, a hundred and a thousand fold”. Nowhere is economy displayed in any created thing.

There is abundance of health, happiness and prosperity for everyone and your supply does not depend on any living creature but yourself. The Law of Attraction operates unceasingly and brings to you your own regardless of existing circumstances. I know that sounds too good to be true, but let us prove it.

Among your friends is a man whom everybody considers a live wire; he is cheerful,hopeful, greets you with a million-naira smile, makes a success of everything he touches, and you say: “That is one lucky guy.”

Now call to mind the party who is always complaining, nothing ever goes right with him or her; they are either sick or bankrupt or some one has swindled them,etc. then there are the very economical, narrow-minded ones who find something to criticize everywhere they go.

Now just take stock of those people and see if their health and environment does not correspond exactly with their mental attitude.

When you realize the fact we express absolutely in body and surroundings what we think, you will understand what is meant by “god is a just god.” And “thine own words shall be thy burden.”

The difference in men is almost wholly due to the difference in their thoughts.Therefore, you can readily see that to have health you must concentrate on health; to be loved you must love your brother; to have abundance of material wealth you must think abundance. That is the law and no permanent good was ever acquired in any other way.

If you lay a lot of steel shavings on a barrel, every time some one jars the barrel some of the shavings will fall off; but put a magnet under them and you may turn the barrel upside down and the shavings will stick. So it is with human beings; whatever you have made yourself a magnet for, you will get.

You have seen people work and strive for something and just when everything seemed coming their way the unexpected element stepped in and destroyed all their efforts. On the other hand, we see people who gain everything they wish with very little effort.

Everything just seems to happen for them. It is the appearance of such things that leads people to believe that fate or luck worked for some and against others. The cause for every condition being thought and invisible is not taken into consideration.

The effects, good or bad, may arise from any number of sources, but the cause had to originate in the mind of the individual affected. This is so true that you may gauge a man’s mental capacities by taking stock of his physical condition and his immediate environment.

The greatest barrier to individual progress is a slavish devotion to precedent. We do what everybody else does; we believe with the majority, without inquiring whether a doctrine is based on a myth or is a scientific fact.

If these beliefs were transient mental impressions, no harm would be done, but when an idea sinks into the soul it comes forth as material results and while we do not realize it, we unconsciously fight any opposition to these submerged tendencies. That is the reason it is so hard to overcome a long established habit.

The only way to overcome error is to know the truth; to know that mind is the only creator and that we may consciously create any condition in body and affairs by holding a mental picture of the desired condition.

The fact that we build ourselves both in body and environment should not seem so strange when we consider that such an arrangement is the only way we could be absolutely free, and freedom was promised us by the Jesus Christ when we learned the truth.

Every man’s ideas and desires are different; what is plenty for one would be poverty for another. The work one man finds pleasure in would bore another to extinction; but when we find that each may call into being his very own desires by going to the great storehouse of inexhaustible spiritual wealth, that we maybe healthy, happy and prosperous by impressing our desires on our soul, we begin to understand something of the mighty power, wisdom and justice of the“Father.” And it is so beautifully simple.

Suppose you had a great store of raw material that would produce anything according to individual desires and you have many children whom you wished to provide for,but desired that they reach their highest efficiency without restriction.

You would say to them: “Here is unlimited material that will create good or evil conditions for you exactly as you call it into being. Take your choice and you must abide by your own decision.”

That is exactly our relation to the Father, and Christ understood this law perfectly when He said: “Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray believe that ye receive them, and you shall have them.”

You will note the unrestricted “whatsoever things,” meaning that no limit is place on the individual. God is as much present in the infinitely large to one demand as another.

In the verse following the one just quoted we are warned that to acquire“whatsoever things,” we must, “when we stand praying, forgive if you have aught against any one; that your Father also – may forgive you.” Thus we find that we may sow thoughts for our heart’s desire, but to reap what we want we must be careful not to harbour anger, jealousy or criticism against any one.

To do so is to fail altogether in realizing our desires or reap them mixed with unwelcome attributes.

There is a deep-rooted conviction in our minds generally that Christ taught the“beauty of poverty and self-denial.” No greater error was ever made; and there is nothing in His teachings to support any such theory. On the contrary, He taught the fact that “all things are possible” to him who believes.

Jesus Christ was never ambiguous. He never used words or figures of speech for effect. He meant what He said, wholly, exactly what He said.

His marvelous consciousness of oneness with the Father gave Him powers of concentrated expression that no other man has ever approached, and His every word and action showed an all-absorbing desire to give man health, happiness and abundance.

In His talks to the multitudes He pleaded with men to ask anything in His name.“Ask and you shall receive.” “Hitherto you have asked nothing in My name, ask and you shall receive that your joy may be full.” “All things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing – you shall receive” John 16:24, John 14:13-14.

It was Christ’s mission to teach the truth (the spirit of the law) and He made every effort to establish truth by arousing man’s faith in His own in dwelling power and a realization of “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you” Luke17:21.

Many people think that “seek ye His Kingdom” meant that Christ wanted us to kill out every desire for food, clothing, houses, land, recreation, amusement and seek only after an unknown god and His spiritual Kingdom.

Jesus Christ who wore the seamless robe, the most exclusive and expensive garment of His age; the Christ who changed water into wine to save His hosts embarrassment; who called loaves and fishes out of the air to feed the hungry;who raised the dead, restored sight, hearing and health to all who asked. The Christ whose every act in life contradicts such a belief.

So let us clear our mind of belief in poverty, distress, sickness and seek the Kingdom of Heaven within us where “all these things” are added unto us. Let us realize, as the Nazarene did–“It is not I that doeth the work, but the Father that dwelleth in ME doeth His work.”

Let us recognize the fact that lack, limitation and disease exist only in the minds of those who fail to perceive the truth – then recognize, realize and use your birthright of life, health, happiness and abundance.

“For My words are spirit and truth and life, they shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish that whereunto they are sent.”

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