My Estate of Gold: Desire

“When love, health, happiness and plenty hear, Their names repeated over day by day, They wing their way like answering fairies near, Then nestle down within our homes to stay.” – ADESANU

The road to success is through the landof Desire. After we reach the age of reason and independent action we do what we want to do.

You may be inclined to argue with me about this, and say that circumstances are too strong for you, or that duty keeps you from taking a chance at gaining your desire, but any such argument simply shows a lack of understanding on your part, for the right sort of desire will break down anything that stands in the way of its fulfilment.

You cannot keep a man in prison who desires hard enough to be free, and nothing can keep your own from you when you understand who and what you really are.

This is the secret of the power of prayer. God is not a being to be flattered or bought by promises into granting your desires. If that were true every man would receive his wish for there is no one living who has not prayed for something.

When you pray earnestly you form a mental image of what you want, and if your faith is strong enough you hold your desire in your thoughts; then God works with you and for you, thus bringing your desire into manifestation.

If you are lacking in material wealth or lacking in health, it is because you do not believe or you do not understand your own power. It is not a question of God giving you your heart’s desire – everything is omnipresent for everybody – You have only to realize your own power of God within and use it.

You may say that you have had a thousand desires, you want to be rich and happy and healthy, but you doubt like the man who said that “while he did not believe all this Theology bunk he’d give it a trial.”

I suppose it is not necessary for me to assure you that he got just what he believed, nothing. We have so many mild desires and we do not really believe we can obtain any one of them, and we are so used to lightly wishing for things that we did not know what we want.

The Magic Secret of attainment is one intense desire. Fix one goal at a time, concentrate on just one desire. If you wanted to climb a mountain, you would not start up path and every little while come down and select a new trail.

If you did, you would never reach the top. It is the same way with your desires.You have got to concentrate on one idea at a time.

Hold in mind the thing you desire most. Declare it to be an existing fact,understand that it is yours, for the very moment you desire anything it is given you, but you must hold it steady and want it with all your heart so that the law of growth can take effect.

If you planted seed in your garden and dug them up every little while to see if they were sprouted or threw them away to plant other seed, nothing would ever grow for you, and as the same law governs growth of any description, you can readily see that you must plant your thought seed and tend them with confident desire and expectation, all of which means that you must realize that you havereceived a thing even before it comes forth in tangible expression.

If you can truly believe that you have received something, God will surely see that you get it. Every one who has reaped success has started out to accomplish just one thing.

Find out what you want, imagine things, as you want them, build new ideas of life,stop believing that some people are lucky and some must be poor, change your ideas and find that life is a beautiful adventure, that each day brings new opportunities to those who will lift their eyes above the everyday grind.

Life means something more than animal existence. Get out of the rut, for rut is only another name for “grave”. Did not the Master say, “Let the dead bury the dead,come thou and follow me.” If you believe in poverty, misery and distress, you are so good as dead already.

Everything is done according to law. Therefore, if a prayer ever has been answered, yours can be. If anybody has ever been successful, you can be. Life is not carried on by any hit or miss plan. For every effect there is compelled to be a certain definite cause. So get your causes linedup and the effects will take care of themselves.

You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough make the proper effort to get it. Do you want health? Then study and practice the lesson on health and beauty. It matters not if you are crippled or bedridden or what the trouble is,you can have rich abounding health. Your body rebuilds itself every eleven month and you can being any time to build a perfect body.

Is it money you want? Then realize that the soul and ideal of money is service,plant your desire for money in your mind and ask for ideas to increase your mind and ask for ideas to increase your power to serve.

The way for your individual success is waiting for you. Take more interest in your work and keep your mind open for new ideas; you will be guided to do the right thing at the right time.

Someone has said that when we desire anything intensely, it is the thing itself trying to reach us. However that may be, the fact is that we come into understanding and right relation with our benevolent God (God of Rehoboth Genesis 26:22), things just seem to happen for our benefit,and we are miraculously protected from all harm. It does not matter what calamity may happen, there is always protection for the individual.

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