My Estate of Gold: Disease

Rev. Abiodun Adesanu

“Bless Jehovah, O my soul Who forgiveth all thine Iniquities, Who health all thy diseases.”       –PSALM 103

The primary cause of every disease is  mental or spiritual discord, and the only permanent basis for health and happiness is mental and spiritual harmony.

Every emotion and mental attitude creates after its kind. Intense anger with destructive intentions will attract physical injury to yourself, while fear,hate, anger, unkind criticism produce rheumatism, lumbago, headaches, stomach trouble, etc. you may gain a certain measure of relief from the foregoing by medicine, but no permanent relief is obtained until the mental discord is removed, for pain is an inharmonious mental vibration registering distress in the body cells.

Anger causes high blood pressure with its kindred ills. Harsh, angry, destructive thoughts bring accident, burns, broken bones, etc. violence is caused by violent emotions and the fear of violence.

Every phase of hate, anger, prejudice, criticism, jealousy, envy, greed, is the expression of fear in some form or other. Jealousy is the fear of losing a loved one, position, etc., and is caused by lack of self-confidence to hold your own.

Envy is an expression of weakness. It is the coward’s snarl of defeat. The man or woman who possesses the right character never envies any one; they dig in and get their own.

Greed is a highly developed sense of want. Many men who pile up great fortunes are those who did not possess decency and comfort in childhood.

Jealousy,envy, greed, grief, cause liver and kidney trouble, constipation, biliousness. Grief, hate, and opposition cause heart trouble, hardened arteries, and congested conditions generally.

Heart trouble is a specific result of mental opposition and we seldom find this disease developed except in those people who oppose the personal liberty of others. The dictator pays a fearful price for the pleasure of bending other wills to his own.

Children are the most helpless sufferers from adverse thoughts, for a child’s mind is a clear, sensitive plate that receives impressions without protection.

Until children are fourteen years of age their physical condition is largely the result of suggestion and impressions gathered from the adult minds about them,while the prospective mother determines to a very great extent the mental and physical conditions of her child.

Psalm 107:20 “God sent His Word and healed us and delivered us from destructions.”

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