My Estate of Gold: Sowing the Seed

“Out of the past the present eternally springs, You may sow what you will but tomorrow will bring, You the harvest to show you the manner of things. Is the seed you have chosen to sow.” NEW PSYCHOLOGY

When you want to raise cabbage in your garden you plant cabbage seed; if you want beans or corn you plant these respective seeds and you are very careful to select seeds of the best quality.

You plant these different seeds in the same soil, but you know that the perfection of your harvest depends on the quality of your seed, and your careful attention during their growth; you are never in doubt as to the nature of your product because you know that where you planted corn, you will gather corn, and where you planted beans, you will harvest beans. We sow and grow and reap our thoughts in exactly the same way.

We reap what we sow, in kind and quality with exact precision. The Law of Compensation will not allow us to sow thoughts of one kind and reap the fruits of another. We can be absolutely certain that we will express outwardly the results of our predominant thoughts.

Everything and everybody is governed by the same law, and we should not expect to reap riches from poverty thoughts; happiness from miserable thoughts; health from disease thoughts; or peace from angry thoughts; any more than we would expect to gather tomatoes from gourd vines.

We sow our thoughts in our soul and the law of growth brings them into visible expression. If our thoughts are positive in faith, desire, courage,determination, cheerfulness and love, our physical condition and environment will express these qualities in health, happiness and prosperity.

But if our thoughts are fear, hatred, envy, anxiety, grief or jealousy, we will reap these results in poverty, disease and misery.

Every time you think, you start a chain of causation that will create a condition in strict accord with the quality of thought, which originated it. Whether we have success or failure, it comes by the operation of exactly the same substance to bring either good or bad results. It is the seed you sow that decides the nature of your product.

Let us use another illustration: Imagine everybody as being a miniature manufacturing plant, our raw material is the limitless, inexhaustible substance of Being; some of us turn out beautiful homes, automobiles, fine raiment,health, happiness and everything else our hearts desire; others work harder,are not so healthy, and gain a mere competence; still others manufacture for themselves poverty, disease and crime–yet we all use the same substance or material; neither are we restricted as to quality, the supply is always equal to the demand – but we must make the demand and supply the kind and quality of the seed or idea.

Thus if a so-called sinner sows seeds of love and faith, and a so-called saint sows seeds of fear and bigotry, we should not blame God because the sinner harvests peace and plenty and the saint reaps bitterness. God knows neither denomination nor creed, but works for all men impartially and in justice and love.

God’s universe is a universe of law and order from its smallest expression to the circuit of the solar system. God is law.Man neither makes nor breaks the law; he work with it or against it as he chooses and he reap the pleasant or unpleasant results of his own decision. There is nothing either mysterious or religious about it – it is simply the law Read Genesis 8:22.

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