The Downside of Nigeria is Bad Leadership – Sango Binary

May our readers meet you?

I am Ṣàngó Binary.
I was born in lagos Nigeria and grew up when you could still travel from Idumọta to Abẹokuta and not worry about security. I remember the train stopped along the way. We got out of the train and bought fruits with our hard earned pennies then. There were times the shop owners simply left an empty can for travelers to drop their money. Sometimes, we even got some change back. There was no stealing.

What was growing up like?

I grew up in Eko, I can still remember the smell of Leventis departmental stores and Father Christmas at Kingsway. Elevators,
Lights, air conditioning and everywhere was clean.

What’s your nationality?

I am a Nigerian- American.

Where do you reside now?

I live in America

Why did you leave your country?

I wanted to fly planes but my father wanted me to be an Engineer. So I got to America, flew planes for about six months, got the thrill out of my system and ended up as an engineer.

How often do you visit your home country?

Once a year

Do you believe Esu is satan as claimed by Christians and Muslims?

Sango Binary

If you believe Eṣu Is the Devil then you must believe Mongo Park discovered River Niger. The villagers around the river were blind and deaf. They did not realize there was a river right under their noses.

Ajayi Crowther was a young man when he was sold into slavery. By the time he got back to the shores of then Gold Coast, he was an adult but a full grown Yorùbá religion illiterate. His slave masters could not understand the concept of Yorùbá cosmology.

We have 200+1 good saints (not deities)
We have 400+1 bad saints (not deities)

Eṣu is the enforcer that stands between the world of good and world of bad. If you wish from Eṣu good or bad, this Saint will effect your wish.

Their is a saying in Ifá:
Ti ibi ti ire ni a ba ile aiye.
This world is made of good and bad.

The knowledge from the adage is balance. You ensure you have a balance in whatever you do in life

Do you actually believe in African Traditional Religion?

I believe in Ifá ( Philosophy) it is not a religion per say but a way of life. We always seem to erroneously measure ourselves with the Europeans. We’re so advanced in concepts, art work and ideas but we decided to go out of our ways to bury our intellect.

Do you know that the divination tool of a Babalawo is an eight bit/one byte counting system. Just like in computers.
The first sixteen Odu or senior Odu made up the base for the variants that constitute the 255/256 Odu Ifá? If you count from zero or count from one.

Exact same thing with Binary mathematics used in computers. This actually was a revelation in my first year in college. I was assigned to take a computer programming elective and voila my eyes opend up.

Could you expatiate?

I am God free.
I cannot tell you there is no God. I have no data to support it. I cannot also tell you there is a God. I have not seen any supporting facts to support that either. I don’t count either positions out of my mind since nothing is conclusive. For now I simply live my life on my facts.

Do you believe in life after death?

No clue. No one has gone and come back with a road map.

Could you compare other countries you’ve visited with Nigeria?

I love Nigeria. I am the best and worst critic of Nigeria.
My relationship with Nigeria is bipolar. I love the food of just every tribe. I enjoy banter with my peeps. My people are hearty and wonderful.

What’s the problem of Nigeria?

The down side is leadership – I don’t know who we offended to have this bad leadership

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