Weeping for My Country

Photo credit: Kudi News

Olaitan Okedeji

I am sadly and speechlessly gobsmacked, while weeping silently…..but must still type this from the depth of my sorrow and pain!

“Religious“ or senselessly driven savagery in the North is not going away from Northern Nigeria…..it’s a culture, tradition, religion, character and innate desire for blood…..

Nothing has changed,
from the beheading of Akaluka in Kano and the parading of his head on a stake across the city(by the way, Sanusi Lamidi Sanusi the exEmir of Kano and exCBN Governor was fingered in this atrocious act)…..Akaluka’s blood is forever on his conscience, that’s if he has one…..

From the lynching related to a book by Salma Rushdie a thousand miles away….

From the burning of This Day News office complex over a beauty pageant remark……

From the Woman in the market who was said to have a wrapper that had the image of Mohammed on it….

From the Yoruba teacher invigilator who was killed as one of the students accused her of despoiling the Koran being used for exam malpractice….

From the brutal murder of a RCCG female member going on an early morning town cry evangelism…..

Examples jump to mind readily…..

Extreme religious barbarity is not strange in the land of these “Islamic faithfuls“.

We “godless infidels” must acknowledge their right to brutalize us…..

But we must also acknowledge that the spots on this avenging Leopards aren’t going to bleach or fade…..

We can only wish that away in our minds – it’s not going away unless we do the needful about it….

But can we…..are we….?

It is not just their second nature, it is their very intrinsic first nature, it’s an original and authentic brand…..

Their object of worship loves blood, demands it and rewards them for it too…..the more zealotry you display as a human butcher the more rewarding your miserable existence and eternity…..

Their mathematical ratio is bizarre and uniquely different….sometimes, a hundred lives for a dumb cow as an example….

As usual we will move on as a people willing or forced or too weak or too scared to seek an imperative alternative to a living-dead existence we fear to let go…..

The eternal sorrow remains with the families of those we failed and will continue to fail…..

The GRIEF of the father and mother of Deborah will be eternal. Their entire world ruined….

So think, who is next to be slaughtered?

As usual, it is almost certain there will be no arrest….
If there is, no jail term….

They will be released from police custody after everything is muddled up and then we move on like before….we can’t get the masters angry can we, it’s bad for national cake sharing business….?

That is the culture in the Fulani North…..
Those are the people we share this Nigeria with….

And the culture of the rest of Nigeria ….?

Subservient obedience…..
When our masters say jump, we ask how high sir…..

It is not the first and Deborah will NOT be the last….

Or do you disagree?

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